Clariant has an extremely broad range of color and additive masterbatches and expertise that extends across the dozens of polymers used in today’s – and tomorrow’s – packaging. Applications include sophisticated, eye-catching hair-care bottles, microwaveable trays, biodegradable food containers, multi-layer laminate, active packaging, durable industrial drums, and tear-resistant shrink wrap. Color and additive masterbatches from Clariant help your packaging out-perform and out-sell the competition. more...
From small and large household appliances to electrical components, personal electronics and much more, Clariant Masterbatches helps brand owners and manufacturers boost market appeal and end-use performance. Our colors and special effects will help your product stand out from the competition, while additive concentrates like flame-retardancy and UV absorbers help to improve product safety and standards compliance. more...
Trusted color and performance - Dedicated materials for the medical and pharmaceutical sector
Clariant Masterbatches has over 10 years experience in this segment. However in 2008 after discussions with customers we started to develop a new approach to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors based on controlling and minimizing risk.

To help customers manage their risk potential, dedicated facilities and systems govern the production of Clariant’s medical color and performance masterbatches and compounds. These ISO13485 certified production sites offer full manufacturing line segregation to reduce risk of cross contamination between products, giving customers peace of mind regarding material purity.

The result of this work is captured under the service and product brand MEVOPUR® more...
Clariant Masterbatches has outstandingknowledge about adding color and functionality to synthetic fibers. We can help you create brilliant colorful solutions in carpets, clothing, automotive interiors, non-wovens and artificial turf. Our additive masterbatches are adding durability, UV stability, flame retardancy, antibacterial and many other performance properties. more...
Clariant Masterbatches and its predecessor has been involved in the coloration of plastics for automotive and other transportation applications for more than 20 years. Today, our extensive line of color and additive masterbatch products and services allow OEM and Tier1 suppliers to match colors exactly across many different plastic materials, while preventing material degradation due to heat, cold, hydrocarbon exposure and mechanical abuse. HYDROCEROL chemical foaming and nucleating agents (CFA) create opportunities for reducing component weight. more...
Clariant is a market leader in development of additive and color masterbatch solutions for agricultural film for greenhouse, crop-protection, mulch and raffia applications. Our product range includes light stabilizers, infrared (IR) absorbers, ultraviolet (UV) absorbers, antimicrobials and anti-fogging and anti-blocking additives. Colors can be chosen selective light absorption and can be combined with additives to meet customer needs precisely. Clariant can also formulate products to meet the needs of compostable agriculture selecting colorants from a broad list of "OK-compost" certified raw materials. more...

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